Work in Student Life and learn from dedicated higher education professionals. We offer work-study positions, casual positions and internship opportunities for U of T students. 

All Student Life work opportunities are listed below and include ID numbers for positions on the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) where you will find full recruitment descriptions and instructions for application.


About Work Study An opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus
Work Study Positions Fall/Winter 2019-20 Work Study applications are now open
Casual Positions A list of open Casual positions in Student Life

About Work Study

Across the University of Toronto, over 3,500 students participate in the Work Study Program every year! Twice a year (fall/winter and summer), the Work Study Program offers paid, on-campus positions that provide you with an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your skills and explore how your academic studies translate to career possibilities. Check out the Professional Development Workbook to help you get the most out of your experience. All Work Study positions are CCR recognized. Please login to (Jobs & Recruitment > Work Study) to view program dates, eligibility requirements and more!

Note: Positions are filled an ongoing basis. Some positions may no longer be available.

Work Study Positions

A list of open positions in Student Life for 2019-20 Fall/Winter.

Academic Success

Job ID 146451 Academic Success Programming Intern

Job ID 146450 Academic Success Graduate Writing Group (GWG) Facilitator

Job ID 146421 Academic Success Graduate Writing Group (GWG) Facilitator

Accessibility Services

Job ID 147554 Accessibility Services Research Assistance

Job ID 147186 Program/Project Assistant

Job ID 146978 Peer Facilitator

Job ID 145916 Graduate Peer Advisor

Job ID 145910 Undergraduate Peer Advisor

Job ID 145519 Access Us Blogger and Social Media Assistant

Career Exploration & Education

Job ID 148793 Career Exploration Program Assistant

Job ID 148504 Career Exploration & Education Research Assistant

Job ID 148128 Career Education Programs Assistant

Job ID 147797 Career Exploration & Education Accessibility Advisory Committee Student Co-Chair

Job ID 146449 Events & Marketing Assistant

Job ID 146448 Team Lead, Events & Marketing

Job ID 148629 Peer Career Advisor - Programs and Workshop Facilitator

Job ID 148628 Indigenous Peer Career Advisor

Job ID 148626 Senior Peer Career Advisor

Job ID 148624 Peer Career Advisor - Resume Ready

Job ID 148623 Peer Career Advisor - Career Start

Job ID 148503 Future of Work - Talking Walls Assistants

Centre for Community Partnerships

Job ID 147958 Community Day Project Assistant

Job ID 146933 Special Projects Assistant

Job ID 146930 Blogger & Social Media Assistant

Job ID 146925 Community-Engaged Initiatives Grants Assistant

Job ID 147997 Academic Community-Engaged Learning Administrative Assistant

Job ID 147964 Community-Engaged Learning Research Assistant

Job ID 147956 Alternative Reading Week Project Leader Development Assistant

Job ID 147948 Alternative Reading Week Community Partner Assistant

Job ID 146918 Community Action Projects Assistant

Centre for International Experience

Job ID 148467 Learning Abroad Ambassador - Inbound

Job ID 148071 Learning Abroad Ambassador- Outbound

Job ID 147832 Learning Abroad Ambassador - Partnerships and Awards

Job ID 147643 Language Learning Communities Assistant

Job ID 147603 Events and Volunteers Assistant

Job ID 146735 Peer Facilitator, Intercultural Learning Program

Job ID 146412 International Scholarships Assistant

Job ID 146316 Mentorship Assistant

Family Care Office

Job ID 147883 Event & Promotions Coordinator

Job ID 147820 Peer Mentorship Coordinator

Job ID 145906 Workshop Coordinator

Job ID 145905 Library and Communications Coordinator

Job ID 145903 Writer and Social Media Coordinator

Housing Services

Job ID 148085 Housing Services Assistant


Indigenous Student Services/First Nations House

Job ID 148826 Indigenous Student Life Blogger

Job ID 148825 Indigenous Community Engagement Liaison

Innovation Hub

Job ID 149704 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant - Presidential & Provostial Task Force on Student Mental Health

Job ID 148441 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant - KPE Space Redesign Project

Job ID 148432 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead - KPE Space Redesign Project

Job ID 146249 Innovation Hub Data Analysis Team Lead

Job ID 146248 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant

Job ID 146245 Innovation Hub Data Analysis Assistant

Job ID 146244 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead

Job ID 146243 Innovation Hub Writer

Job ID 146241 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead - Student Life Project

Job ID 146237 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant - Transforming the Instructional Landscape

Multi-Faith Centre

Job ID 146617 Programme Development - Chaplaincy

Job ID 146602 Communications -Media Intern

Job ID 146600 Programme Development-St Michael's College

Job ID 146559 Programme Development - Hillel

Job ID 146555 Eco-Spirituality Intern

Job ID 146552 Queering Religion

Job ID 146546 Programme Development

Job ID 146462 Meditation & Mindfulness Media Intern

Job ID 146447 Programme Development-Religion and Migration Work Study

Job ID 146444 Program Support Co-Ordinator

Student & Campus Community Development

Job ID 148447 Orientation & Transition Assistant

Job ID 146746 Campus Organizations Assistant

Job ID 148568 Access & Inclusion Peer Programs Assistant

Job ID 148526 Mentorship and Peer Programs Assistant

Job ID 146581 Co-Curricular Record Assistant

Job ID 146385 Gradlife Ambassador

Student Life Assessment

Job ID 147201 Research Assistant

Student Life Communications

Job ID 145167 Professional Faculty Blogger

Job ID 145166 First-year blogger

Job ID 145165 Multi-media Design Assistant



Casual Positions

Casual employees are hired to perform work on a short-term, irregular or sporadic basis for an intermittent period of time. Short-term is a period of 6 months or less. 

More information on available Casual positions (role descriptions and application instructions) will be posted under the On-Campus job board on the CLNx. You can search casual positons by their Job ID numbers. See current open positions listed below: 

Job ID 149659 Research Assistant

Job ID 149654 Educational Assistant

Job ID 149582 Mentor Navigator

Job ID 148966 Peer Community Builder & Equity Activator