Work in Student Life and learn from dedicated higher education professionals. We offer work-study positions, casual positions and internship opportunities for U of T students. 

All Student Life work opportunities are listed below and include ID numbers for positions on the Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) where you will find full recruitment descriptions and instructions for application.


About Work Study An opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus
Summer 2019 Work Study Positions Summer 2019 Work Study applications are now open
2019-20 Casual Positions A list of open Casual positions in Student Life
Multi-Faith Centre Internships Paid internships from September 1 – March 15

About Work Study

The Work Study Program provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus.

More information on availaible Work Study positions (role descriptions and applicaiton instructions) will be posted under the Work Study job board on the CLNx. Please note, the CLNx will be out of service from April 22 – 29 due to a scheduled upgrade. You can search Work Study positons by their Job ID numbers. See current opening positions listed below. 

Note: Positions are filled an ongoing basis. Some positions may no longer be available.

Summer 2019 Work Study Positions

Academic Success

Job ID 139582 Academic Success Programming Intern

Job ID 139800 Graduate Writing Group Facilitator

Job ID 139784 Graduate Writing Group Facilitator


Accessibility Services

Job ID 140480 Access Us Blogger and Social Media Assistant

Job ID 138453 Program/Project Assistant


Career Exploration & Education

Job ID 140238 Career Exploration & Education Research Assistant

Job ID 139300 Career Connect Peer

Job ID 138973 Career Exploration Program Assistant

Job ID 138993 Career Communications Assistant

Job ID 139306 Lead Peer, Career Connect Team

Job ID 138993 Indigenous Peer Career Advisor

Job ID 139820 Graduate Career Projects Assistant


Centre of International Experience

Job ID 140913 Learning Abroad Ambassador – Inbound

Job ID 140089 Learning Abroad Ambassador – Outbound

Job ID 140019 International Scholarships Assistant

Job ID 139966 Peer Facilitator, Intercultural Learning Program

Job ID 139633 Africa Connections Assistant

Job ID 140339 Events and Volunteers Assistant

Job ID 139985 Mentorship Assistant


Centre for Community Partnerships

Job ID 140687 Communications and Database Assistant, Academic Initiatives

Job ID 140235 Special Projects Assistant, Academic Initiatives



First Nations House

Job ID 140561 Garden Coordinator

Job ID 140104 Indigenous Community Engagement Liaison


Health & Wellness Centre

Job ID 140071 HealthyU Crew Digital Ambassador


Innovation Hub

Job ID 140695 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead – Graduate Student Experience Project

Job ID 140586 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead – Student Life Project

Job ID 140322 Innovation Hub Writer

Job ID 140321 Innovation Hub Data Analysis Assistant

Job ID 140319 Innovation Hub Design Research Team Lead

Job ID 140317 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant

Job ID 140314 Innovation Hub Design Research Assistant – Transforming the Instructional Landscape


Multi-Faith Centre

Job ID 140124 Program Support Coordinator

Job ID 140118 Programme Development


Student & Campus Community Development

Job ID 140714 Orientation & Transition Assistant

Job ID 140628 Mentorship and Peer Programs Assistant

Job ID 138682 Gradlife Ambassador

Job ID 116601 Campus Organizations Assistant

Job ID 139798 Leadership Development Programming Assistant

Job ID 139098 Co-Curricular Record Assistant


Student Experience

Job ID 139189 Data Analyst/Research Assistant

Summer/Fall/Winter 2019-20 Casual Positions

Casual employees are hired to perform work on a short-term, irregular or sporadic basis for an intermittent period of time. Short-term is a period of 6 months or less. 

More information on available Casual positions (role descriptions and application instructions) will be posted under the On-Campus job board on the CLNxPlease note, the CLNx will be out of service from April 22 – 29 due to a scheduled upgrade. You can search casual positons by their Job ID numbers. See current opening positions listed below: 

  • Job ID 142153 ASKme Student Ambassadors, Orientation 2019

  • Job ID 142541 ASKme Operations Staff, Orientation 2019

  • Job ID 142517 Engineering Tutor

  • Job ID 141880 Front Desk Assistant (2 positions)

Multi-Faith Centre Internships

The Multi-Faith Centre Internship Program provides undergraduate and graduate students structured learning opportunities to examine the role of religion in society, explore questions of identity, culture, and community, and study the connections between spirituality and social justice.

Apply for a paid intership at the Multi-Faith Centre from September 1, 2019 to March 15, 2019!

Open positions:

  • Job ID 125580 General Interns (5 positions)
  • Job ID 122761 Environmental Internship
  • Job ID 122760 Queering Religion Internship
  • Job ID 125591 Communications Internship
  • Job ID 122758 Program Development – Hillel
  • Job ID 125576 Muslim Chaplaincy
  • Job ID 125570 St. Michael’s Campus Ministries
  • Job ID 125591 Media Intern

The application includes two parts: (1) cover letter and (2) resume.

Your cover letter should outline the following: 

  • Your interest in working at the Multi-Faith Centre and how your academic background, leadership experience, and skills would allow you to make a unique contribution to the work we do.
  • Confirmation that you will be a full-time student in 2019 – 2020. The internships are only open to full-time students on the St. George Campus. The internships are for 8 – 10 hours a week from September 1, 2019 – March 15, 2020.

Please submit your application through the Career Learning Network (CLNx)Please note, the CLNx will be out of service from April 22 – 29 due to a scheduled upgrade.

Application deadline: Wednesday, April 24, 2019