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June 26, 2017 Alert: Travel to US

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the revised Immigration Executive Order that was to take effect March 16, 2017 will be upheld with the exception of foreigners holding “a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the US.”

1st November 2017
Photo of Bristol, UK man and woman overlooking landscape

Recent Terror Attacks

The CIE would like to extend condolences to those of you in our community who have been affected by recent terror attacks. If you would like a bit of support or simply want to talk about the impact of these events, there are many options for support open to you.

30th October 2017
Family Care Office illutstrated concept every family belongs

Child Care Subsidy Update

Eligibility requirements for international students are currently under review by Toronto Children’s Services.  If you have been informed that you will be losing your child care subsidy, we strongly recommend that you appeal this decision & notify the Family Care Office.

29th September 2017
Two students chatting

CIE Language Exchange

The CIE Language Exchange Fall Term runs from Ocotober to early December 2017. Applications are available online to add yourself to the list for a potential match with a partner or small group.

25th September 2017
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English Communication Program

The English Communication Program (ECP) at CIE is an opportunity for students to further develop English skills, gain insight into Canadian culture and life at U of T and share cultural experiences. Registration opens by September 1.

23rd August 2017
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Global Student Network is recruiting

Global Student Network is recruiting talent for the 2017-18 team. Deadline to apply: June 1. 
Would you like to get involved?
Learn about the positions available and how to apply.

1st June 2017
Musee D'Orsay clock, Paris

UTM Abroad applications now open!

UTM Abroad Courses are regular courses offered at UTM during the academic year with an embedded global experience over the fall/winter break period or during the summer. Learn about the 2017-18 courses.

18th May 2017
International students talking

English Communication Program Open

The English Communication program is an opportunity for students to further develop their English skills, gain insight into Canadian culture, life at U of T & have cross-cultural experiences. Classes start late May. Summer Term registration is open.

11th April 2017
David Wang in wood working studio

Embracing Japan’s DIY spirit

From U of T to Ishinomaki: future city builder and jack-of-all-trades David Wang began his forays into Asia as a U of T undergrad with brief trips abroad including a Summer Abroad course. Learn more about David's past and present adventures.

22nd March 2017
women dancing in blue dresses called Kensington in Blue by Nina Valin

CIE’s Photography Contest Winners!

The 2017 contest is now closed but you can still see the photos on display at the CIE over the coming year. Check out the contest winners here.

14th March 2017