What is the Heart Works Fund?

The Heart Works Fund has been established by the Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice to provide financial support for student group initiatives that aspire to create opportunities for critical and respectful exploration of questions of religious and spiritual pluralism.

The fund seeks to support such initiatives led by Ulife-recognized student groups at St. George campus.

The Multi-Faith Centre is especially interested in supporting student group initiatives that address prejudice and discrimination based on religious difference, including as it intersects with race, gender and other identities. 

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Eligibility criteria Eligibility criteria
Fund amound Fund amount
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Application Application materials and submission instructions
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Eligibility criteria

The proposal demonstrates collaboration between two or more student groups (including at least one faith and spirituality-focused student group) toward mutually supportive learning outcomes. All student groups apply for funding through this program must be recognized by Ulife.

The proposal aspires to create space for critical and respectful exploration of questions of religion and spirituality, and foster a greater sense of community through related programming.

The proposal aspires to address prejudice and discrimination based on religious difference, including as it intersects with race, gender and other identities.

The proposal is feasible, with realistic timelines, resource requirements and goals.

Fund amount

The Heart Works Fund will award a maximum of $350 for each successful project, pending availability of funds. 


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis during fall and winter academic sessions. Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the proposed start date of the initiative.


A student group may only submit one application per semester.

While a student group may submit a proposal for a project similar to the one offered in a previous year, the fund is not automatically renewable and should not be expected to support an ongoing activity year after year.

Journals and magazines should focus on electronic dissemination. Hard copy printing costs will not be considered.

The Fund cannot be used to cover alcohol.

The Fund does not fund student groups requesting travel for research, delivering papers, or taking courses. Graduate students requesting funding for travel should contact their home unit. Undergraduate students should approach their college or program sponsor.

Student groups are encouraged to seek additional sources of funding available for student initiatives at the University of Toronto.  

Application materials and submission instructions

Proposal: The application must include a description of the proposal, and should indicate how the proposal fulfils the criteria outlined above (500 words maximum).

Budget: The application must include projected expenses for the proposed initiative. The budget should also indicate any other sources of funding, including from the student groups.

Submission: Applications should be submitted electronically to multi.faith@utoronto.ca with the subject, “Heart Works Funding Request”.