To be eligible for office space, group leaders must collect a minimum of five (5) Ulead points through their participation in the Ulead leadership program. Points must be obtained by at least two group members. 

Points are awarded as follows: 

Ulead Conference

  • 2 points for attending, maximum 4 points for 2 or more executives attending.

Ulead leadership workshops

  • 1 point per executive attending, to a maximum of 2 points per group.
  • Note: participants who arrive more than 30 minutes late will not be eligible to receive Ulead points for the workshop

Other leadership training

  • Other leadership training sessions may be eligible for Ulead points
  • If you attend leadership training (either on campus or through another organization), you can request that this training be recognized for Ulead points. Submit your request by email to

Office space is not guaranteed even if a group has accumulated all 5 points because their application will still be subject to review by CASAS committee members. Obtaining more than 5 points will help to make your application and group stand out. 

It is the responsibility of each group to track their own points. Be sure to write down the name and date of the workshop and the name of the person who attended. You need this information for your application. It is also up to the group leaders to check in with members to confirm they attended.


Get your points early!

It is important to plan effectively to ensure that you have earned the required points well in advance of the end of the Ulead year on March 30. Ulead workshops may occasionally be cancelled due to low registration or facilitator illness, so don’t leave your Ulead points to the last minute!

We recommend that you obtain points regularly throughout the year (i.e., in both the Fall and Winter semesters) and get all of your points before the application deadline. This demonstrates ongoing commitment and capacity, which are key elements to being a 21 Sussex Clubhouse club.


What if our group won't have earned all 5 Ulead points until March 30? 

If your group does not have all 5 Ulead points yet but members are registered to attend Ulead workshops after the March 4 deadline, please include the workshops that members are registered to attend. We check that they are registered and verify after the fact that they attended those workshops when we review each application to ensure groups are eligible.