Student and Campus Community Development offers workshops by request! We look forward to working with students, staff and faculty across campus to facilitate workshops and deliver presentations. We ask that you submit your request 4-6 weeks prior to the requested dates so we can schedule and customize our content to meet the needs of your group. We can accommodate requests with projected attendance of 15 or more. We may be able to accommodate smaller groups based on availability and/or can advise you on how to make the best use of our in-house programs, services and resources. Requesting groups will be responsible for booking a suitable event space and promoting the event or session.

To request a workshop, please read the descriptions below and fill out a request form.

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Workshop Descriptions Read the workshop descriptions
Request a workshop If you would like to request a workshop, please complete the workshop request form.

Workshop Descriptions


SafeTALK (Suicide Alertness for Everyone) is a 3-hour training designed to ensure that people with thoughts of suicide are connected to helpers who are prepared to provide first aid interventions. All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training.



Complete the Strength Quest Inventory and learn your Top 5 Strengths. Through an interactive session explore what your strengths mean, how to leverage and talk about them. Additionally, learn about all 34 strengths team and group members can have and how to best work with other people’s strengths. $10 per participant



Build skills to create great teams including collaborative leadership, appreciation, meeting management, team development, vision & values, ice breakers and team building exercises.



Enhance communication skills including active listening, understanding different work styles, conflict transformation, facilitation and providing feedback.

*If you are interested in Conflict Resolution for Graduate Students please email at the Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion    

More info coming soon!     


Student Organization Development             

Develop skills that make organizations great including event planning, recruitment & retention, transition, measuring success and sponsorship.


Getting Involved & Campus Resources 

Learn tools and strategies to successfully navigate involvement opportunities and resources on campus.


Personal Development    

Focus on self-awareness and identity, beliefs, values and experiences that motivate action. This also includes skills such as professionalism, goal-setting and reflection. 


Introduction to Student & Campus Community Development

Learn more about the opportunities and resources available with Student and Campus Community Development including mentorship, the co-curricular record, and more. 


Request a workshop

To request a workshop, please read the descriptions above and fill out a request form.  

To receive further information please contact