Hubs for Clubs are networks for like-minded groups to connect to other groups as well as a faculty/staff/department Hub Host. Hubs are designed to encourage dialogues and inspire opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The St. George Campus is home to over 900 individual campus organizations and the Hub will allow groups to know about the various projects and resources other student organizations and services have. Through dialogue and sharing, student organizations will identify areas for collaboration, working together and sharing the valuable resources on campus.


COEN Hosted by the Centre for Community Partnerships
Environment Hosted by UTERN (University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network)
Arts and creative Hosted by Hart House
Faith and spirituality Hosted by the Multi-Faith Centre
International & global Hosted by Centre for International Experience
Sexual & Gender Diversity Hosted by the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office
Cultural Club Network Hosted by Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office
Career Exploration & Education Hub Hosted by Career Exploration & Education
21 Sussex Clubhouse Hosted by Office of Student Life, Clubs and Leadership Development

Community Outreach & Engagement Network (COEN)

Hosted by the Centre for Community Partnerships

Who should join: All groups interested in or doing work that involves social justice, community engagement, or volunteering.

About us: 

This network, for campus clubs and organisations, meets every couple of months to connect community engaged individuals, initiatives and groups. If your club or organization is engaged in supporting community development, this series of networking dinners is for you! 

During these sessions, one or two representatives from your group will have the opportunity to network with other engaged groups, share your information with others, and participate in facilitated discussions and sessions on topics of value to your group. COEN meets four times a year and there is always a hot dinner to share. 

Why should you join us? 

  • Showcase your work and find opportunities to engage more students in your programs 
  • Network with other students and groups on campus who have similar goals and interests
  • Receive support as you plan and prepare for a community engaged activity; be connected to relevant opportunities and partnerships
  • Participate in meaningful dialogue around opportunities, challenges, ideas, strengths, etc.
  • Learn about grant opportunities
  • Deepen your knowledge of community-engaged learning and develop leadership skills

Contact: Cherrie Kwok at for further information or to join this Hub


Meetings will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room, Multi-faith Centre (569 Spadina Avenue, Second Floor).

  • November 20, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • January 15, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • March 19, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

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Environment and Sustainability

EWG (Environmental Working Groups)

Hosted by UTERN (University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network) & Sustainability Office

Who should join?

Individuals, groups, clubs and services that are passionate about the environment and sustainability and promoting such practices across campus.

About Us

UTERN is the University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network, an umbrella organization that serves as the primary funding body and meeting point for everyone in the university community concerned about the health of our environment.

EWG meetings are hosted by UTERN’s Internal Executive Liaison approximately once a month during the academic year. These meetings provide an opportunity for students involved in environment-related clubs or initiatives to connect with UTERN and learn about our services. They are also a forum for student leaders to network within the U of T environmental community and form partnerships or co-ordinate to promote environmentally sustainable practices across all three campuses.

Please note that individuals do not have to be affiliated with an environmental group or club in order to attend EWGs. All are welcome!

The Sustainability Office acts as a resource for sustainability on the St. George campus to educate, inspire and connect the campus community!


Contact: UTERN's Internal Liaison, and/or Dione Dias of the Sustainability Office ,

Upcoming Meeting dates: TBD, monthly

Arts and creative

Who should join: Clubs and groups with an artistic/creative focus. This includes performing arts, literary arts, visual arts and music.

About us: The Arts and Culture Hub is an opportunity for arts-, music- and expressive culture-based groups on campus to connect and collaborate around shared interests and activities. Throughout the year we will be networking, skill-building, and exploring unique partnership opportunities to support groups’ engagement, outreach and creative goals.

Contact: TBA

Upcoming dates: TBA

Faith and spirituality

Hosted by the Multi-Faith Centre

Who should join: Chairs and Presidents of faith-based student organizations

About us: The Faith and Spirituality Hub is organized through the Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice and meets formally twice a year. The Hub provides an opportunity for student leaders of faith-based organizations on campus to network and learn from each other. The Hub also provides a way for the Multi-Faith Centre to learn about and support the needs of faith-based clubs and for the clubs to give input to the programming of the Centre and learn about our services. 

Contact: Richard Chambers at for further information or to join this Hub


Upcoming meeting dates: TBD

International experience and global community

Hosted by Centre for International Experience

Who should join: Student clubs and groups with global, international and cultural interests—this can include interests in international experience; international student transition/support; intercultural learning and experiences; and global community.

About us: The International Experience Club Hub is hosted by the Centre for International Experience (CIE) and brings together a variety of like-minded student groups for networking, information sharing, as well as exploring areas for collaboration and skills development/learning.  There will be approximately 4 meetings in the year.

Contact: TBD

Upcoming meeting dates: TBD

Sexual & Gender Diversity

Hosted by the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office

Who should join: All student organizations with a Sexual and Gender Diversity focus. The Sexual and Gender Diversity Office has extended invitations to all groups eligible for the Hub.                                 

About us: The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office (SGDO) develops partnerships to build supportive learning and working communities at the University of Toronto by working towards equity and challenging discrimination. The Office provides innovative education, programming, resources and advocacy on sexual and gender diversity for students, staff and faculty across the University’s three campuses.

Contact: Vi Mac at for further information or to join this Hub


Upcoming meeting dates:

Lead with Pride LGBTQ + Student Leadership Conference: Friday, February 2nd – Saturday, February 3rd, 2018.

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Cultural Club Network

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office

Who should join: Open to all cultural and faith-based identity clubs

About us: The Cultural Club Network is organized by the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office (ARCDO). It provides students with an opportunity to connect with a broad diversity of cultural clubs within the University while learning from one another, networking, collaborating and engaging in critical conversation. The CCN will be launching a pre-filmed interview project with student leaders that will focus on how groups navigate issues of anti-racism, diversity, and building solidarity among different cultural and identity groups on campus.


Contact: For further information or to join the hub contact

Upcoming Opportunities

To be featured in our interview project please contact us at

Career Club Hub

Hosted by Career Exploration & Education

Who should join: On-campus clubs interested in career/professional development.

About us: The Career Club Hub will be a space for on-campus clubs interested in career and professional development to connect with one another using Career Exploration & Education and its resources. This Hub will invite student groups to collaborate with the Career Exploration & Education and each other to ensure career-related events will be well attended by enthusiastic students looking to grow their networks and career exploration capacities. The Career Club Hub will also help Career Exploration & Education understand the professional development needs of student leaders who have an invested interest in career exploration.

Contact: TBD

Upcoming Dates: TBD

21 Sussex Clubhouse

Hosted by Clubs & Leadership Development

Who should join: All clubs and groups with office space in the 21 Sussex Clubhouse

About us: This Hub will bring together all 50+ clubs and groups with office space in 21 Sussex. The Hub will serve to connect neighbours in the building and create opportunities for collaboration and networking as we build the vibrant community of the Clubhouse.

Occupants in 21 Sussex have certain requirements and expectations to uphold that are listed in your Occupancy Agreement. The Hub is not a replacement for these requirements or for the annual application for space.

Contact: Kristen Wallace at for further information or to join this Hub

Upcoming meeting dates:

Annual Sussex Open House: October 26, 2018

Fall Mandatory Meeting: September 26, 2018 

Winter Mandatory Meeting: Thursday, January 25, 2018 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.