Creating your own club and getting recognition from the University is easy if you follow these procedures. We’re here to help!

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Recognition Recognize a campus group
Expiry and renewal Recognition expiry and renewal
Apply online Apply for recognition online
Societies + course unions Student societies and course unions are not required to seek recognition
UTSU vs. Ulife UTSU vs. Ulife recognition
Documents Documents and policies for recognized groups and societies
Contact us Ulife contacts
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Recognize a campus group

Recognize a campus group

Most groups at the University of Toronto seek recognition based on the Policy on the Recognition of Campus Groups. Recognition gives a group certain benefits. Some colleges and faculties also recognize campus groups and provide certain services to those groups.

Benefits of recognition

Being a formally recognized campus group by the University of Toronto through Clubs and Leadership Development provides the following benefits:  

  • Right to use the University's name in your group's name.
  • Use of University facilities at a no or lower cost compared to external organizations.
  • Free access to web services (web site hosting) for the group.
  • Online listings on the Ulife website.

Recognition expiry and renewal

Applications are accepted throughout the year, and recognition is granted until September 30 of that year. Student leaders of recognized campus groups should renew their group's recognition prior to September 30. The renewal period begins in summer and group leaders are notified on Ulife to submit renewal applications. If a group does not successfully renew its recognition with the University of Toronto via the Ulife website, there can be delays in accessing group services at the University.  

Apply for recognition online

All groups are asked to submit applications for recognition on-line. The process for group recognition is outlined on the Ulife website.

Student societies and course unions

Student societies and course/program unions are not required to seek recognition (see types of organizations). However, many of these groups apply for recognition to access certain benefits. 

UTSU vs. Ulife recognition

The University of Toronto through Clubs and Leadership Development recognizes campus groups via the Ulife website. Typically, student leaders seek recognition of their group first and then seek recognition with the University of Toronto Students' Union (UTSU)

Please refer to the UTSU website for more information about UTSU Club services, and remember that Ulife is not UTSU.

Documents and policies for recognized groups and societies

Our selection of policy documents are important references if your society is thinking about a levy increase, preparing for an audit, or making any other major decision.

Contact us

More questions? Contact the Program Officer at You can also visit the Ulife Service Centre at 21 Sussex Avenue, room 514, or call 416-946-7780. The Ulife Service Centre is open Monday-Friday for drop in. Hours are posted on the Ulife Service Centre door.

More questions?

For more information about the recognition process and other campus organization questions, please visit the Ulife Frequently Asked Questions