Types of groups

Clubs are only one of the many kinds of campus organizations you can get involved with at U of T. Visit Ulife to see a listing and find out more about types of groups on campus.


4 dance club students at practice

Ulife is not UTSU

The University of Toronto through Clubs and Leadership Development and the University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) both have the power to officially recognize student groups, but they are not the same.

The University of Toronto recognizes campus groups via the Ulife website and provides a variety of support services. Campus groups must already be recognized through Ulife to be recognized by UTSU, so you should seek recognition through Ulife first and then seek recognition with UTSU. Being recognized by UTSU gives you access to additional benefits, including funding opportunities. 

Please see the UTSU website for more information on UTSU Club services and recognition.

Ulife database

Ulife is a comprehensive database of all University of Toronto recognized student organizations.

You can use Ulife to find contact information for all kinds of campus groups:

  • Recognized campus groups
  • Student societies (college and faculty student governments)
  • Affiliates of student societies
  • Course and program unions
  • Hart House clubs and committees
  • Campus media
  • Athletic groups

21 Sussex Clubhouse Directory

The following campus groups hold office space at 21 Sussex Avenue for the year 2019-2020. See the full list of campus groups and offices.

University of Toronto (St. George) Club Presidents' Retreat

Calling all U of T St. George Club Presidents! This year we are having our 6th annual Presidents' retreat just for Club Presidents. The retreat will provide higher level leadership training and conversations to Clubs Presidents, as well as the opportunity for Presidents across all areas of club interests and practices to meet, share and learn from one another. 

Student Life campus web

Once a campus groups gains recognized status through ULife, you now have option to apply for your groups web space. We can help you with your site, provide you with ideas and promote the websites that are currently being hosted through our web services. Find out more about the Student Life campus web space!