In 1999, the University had a Task Force on Student Activity Space to examine the issues surrounding space availability for three main areas of student activity: campus groups, student societies and multi-faith needs.

One of the outcomes of the task force's report was to strike a committee that allocated the determined space. It was named the Committee to Allocate Student Activity Space (CASAS). CASAS today allocates the 50+ shared office spaces available in the 21 Sussex Clubhouse


CASAS consists of:

  • Two representatives from UTSU
  • One representative from APUS
  • One representative from the GSU
  • Three students at large – nominations to be received in December of each year and assessed by the Vice-Provost Students. Students will be selected to represent broad student interests.
  • Three staff members to be drawn from divisions from the Office of Student Life.
  • Chair (non-voting) Student Life Coordinator, Campus Organizations
  • Secretary (non-voting) Groups Officer, Office of Student Life


Minutes for CASAS meetings will be available by request to the Chair.

Applying for office space

CASAS meets in March/April to allocate the space for a one year term.  Recognized campus groups interested in office space must fill out an application package. Applications for office space have the deadline set in winter term of each year. For more information on the application process and to download an application form, visit the Campus Groups Offices at the Sussex Clubhouse.


For more information about the members of CASAS or to apply to be a student at large, contact Kristen Wallace at