Immigration advising

It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your immigration and legal documents are maintained and up-to-date. However, we understand that navigating government regulations and important paperwork can be challenging. The CIE’s immigration advising office is here to help. 


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Contact us

International Student Immigration Advising is located in rooms 107 & 202 at the Centre for International Experience, 33 St. George Street.

We are open Monday to Friday by appointment only. You can call the immigration advisors at (416) 978-2038.  

To send a written question to the immigration advisors, please email Note that the immigration advisors can only help U of T students or those accepted to study at U of T. Please use your U of T email address or provide your student number when contacting this email address.

To schedule an appointment to meet with an immigration advisor, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to the CLNx.

2. Log in with your UTOR ID and password.

3. Go to "Appointments" on the left.*

4. Click "Learn More" under "St. George Centre for International Experience".

5. Click "Book an appointment now” button.

6. Click “Book by appointment provider".

7. Scroll down the list and select either Aziz El Mejdouby or Marc Arnold, who are the immigration advisors.

*If you are a student who works at U of T, please make sure you are logged in to your student account. Your student account is available in the top right corner under "Access Different Account."

  • If you can't book an appointment online please email with two possible times suitable to your schedule and an appointment will be assigned. In your email please include your name and student number, phone number, level and program of study, and the reason for your appointment. 

Please note: The International Student Immigration Advisors do not provide advice about Permanent Residency (PR/PNP) options. For any PR related questions, please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Information session

The CIE holds regular information sessions and workshops to help you understand your responsibilities. We will announce updated information and workshop dates in the weekly email, 9 New Things International Students Need to Know. 

  • CIE Orientation information sessions (August/September and January)

  • Study Permit/Work Permit/Entry Visa workshops (online applications to CIC)

  • Permanent Residency information sessions

  • USA or France Visa information sessions

  • Income tax information sessions (March/April): where you can get advice about filing taxes in Canada


Read about the area that concerns you, and contact us if you have any questions:

Apply online to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for:

How to invite your Spouse, Children or Parents to come to Canada

Working in Canada

How to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Income Taxes

Permanent Residence

Service Canada

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFATD)

USA Visa/Work Permits (download the presentation in the documents section)