When you return to Toronto, you will need to finalize your transfer credits.  Information about finalizing transfer credits for Arts and Science and UTM students will be provided at the Transfer Credit session. All others should contact the appropriate contacts at their faculty or department. 

Stay involved!

Once you've returned from abroad, why let the experience end? There are many opportunities to get involved with the international community at U of T. Check out our Annual Re-entry Conference or volunteer with the CIE.

You can stay connected with your like-minded peers and share experiences by volunteering at the events hosted by the Exchange Program, such as exchange talks and our annual Exchange fair. Check out our upcoming events or contact us for more information.


Re-entry conference 

We invite all returning students to take advantage of the services provided by CIE and U of T. Every year the University of Toronto teams up with York University and Ryerson University to provide returning students with a free one-day conference. This conference provides students with the opportunity to network with other students from all three universities who have had a recent experience abroad. It also offers sessions on re-entry adjustment, resumé building, interview skills and future international opportunities.

Registration begins in September!


Re-entry counselling 

Coming home after being immersed in a different culture can sometimes be a more difficult adjustment than going abroad. If you're having difficulty at home, in relationships or in school after your return, it may help to talk to someone. CIE is here to listen and to help you find whatever resources you need.