Bonjour U of T! Te gusta estudiar lenguas? The Centre for International Experience coordinates a Language Exchange for all U of T students (at St. George Campus). If you are studying a language, or just have a general interest in languages, we welcome you!


How it works Please complete the online application (coming soon).
When and where Timing, commitment and location
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How it works

  1. Please complete and submit your online application (below) to provide information about yourself for the matching process.
  2. Based on your responses, we will try our best to match you with another student who has knowledge of the language that you want to learn.
    If there is no one-on-one match, activities may be in small groups.
  3. Students who are matched will receive notification by email along with information and a guide (with a variety of sample activities that can be used for the language exchange meetings).

We will review applications and get back to you sometime in January with more information. Please note that the availability of languages is based on the pool of applicants, and we may not be able to match students in all cases.  

CIE Language Exchange Applications are coming soon!

When and where

The 2018 Fall Term of CIE Language Exchange will run from late January to early April. Program participants are expected to maintain contact with their program partner/partners and meet regularly when possible (approximately 90 minutes on a weekly basis and at mutually agreed upon times). 

If you applied and do not yet have a match, you may get matched a little later as additional applications are received and then start meeting at that point.

A room may be available at CIE, 33 St. George St. on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Participants have the option to independently arrange to meet with their partners at other times or spaces. More information or instructions will be available after applications are reviewed and matches are made.

Contact us

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