The Killiam Fellowship Programs provide an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students from Canadian universities to spend either one semester or a full academic year as an exchange student in the United States.


Program Option 1: Direct Exchange Program

Students who apply to the direct exchange program between partner institutions will register at their home institution and attend the host institution as an exchange student and, during the course of their fellowship, will continue to pay tuition and fees to their home institution.

For a complete list of Canadian and American partner institutions, please visit the Killam Fellowships website.


Program Option 2: Open Competition Program

Students from partner and non-partner institutions may apply to the open competition (self-placed program) and will enroll as fee-paying visiting students at their host institution. The applicant is responsible to apply for admission of his/her chosen institution. However, the student may choose to apply for an existing exchange program through their home institution, and attend the host institution as an exchange student.

Through the Open Competition Program, you may apply to any accredited degree granting institution of your choice in the United States.


Scholarship funding What is the value of the scholarship?
Eligibility Eligibility requirements
How to apply Step-by-step application instructions
Important dates Application deadlines
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Scholarship funding

  • $5,000 USD for one semester
  • $750 USD health insurance allowance
  • $10,000 USD for one academic year
  • Killam Scholars Program Orientation in Ottawa, ON
  • Spring Seminar in Washington, DC


  • Canadian citizenship
  • Currently enrolled full-time undergraduate student (BA, BSc or BAH – professional degrees are normally not eligible) in good standing at a Canadian degree-granting institution
  • Expected to be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in good standing during the 2019-2020 academic year should s/he be selected for an award
  • Expected to receive an undergraduate degree in the Spring of 2020 or beyond
  • Able to meet the eligibility requirements and regulations of the home university
  • Proficient in English
  • In possession of a strong academic record and able to complete all steps of the application process prior to the published deadline
  • Candidates of the Direct Exchange Program must be recommended by their home university and that some partner institutions also choose to recommend their Open Competition applicants

How to apply

  • Applications for Canadian students are available on the Killam Fellowships website.
  • Questions can be emailed to
  • For the Direct Exchange, applicants must be recommended by their home institution. If recommended, the partner institution will forward their nominated applications to the Foundation for adjudication. To be nominated by the University of Toronto, apply via the CIE Student Portal.
  • For the Open Competition, applicants may submit their application either through their home institution or directly to the Foundation for adjudication.
  • Applications are reviewed by an independent adjudication committee of faculty members from Canadian and American universities.
  • All applicants will be ranked. These final rankings override individual institution rankings. Each partner institution is guaranteed one place for an outgoing applicant, regardless of the number of applications received from each institution.
  • Selection is open and competitive, based on a combination of academic standing, personal statements and references.
  • The Foundation recognizes that excellence is found in all linguistic, ethnic and religious groups without regard for gender, age, sexual preference or race. The Killam Fellowships Program encourages applications from all interested and eligible candidates.

Important dates

  • Application deadline to CIE for Direct Exchange: January 13, 2019
  • Application deadline directly on Killam website for Open Competition: January 31, 2019

Contact us

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