The Centre for Community Partnerships offers a variety of services and resources to support community-engaged learning course development including a faculty newsletter, professional development opportunities, community partner connections, and support for designing courses and assignments.

List of services


Join our newsletter list for information on community-engaged learning news, events and resources. Sign up for the CCP newsletter here.


Contact us to gain access to our Sharepoint website of sample syllabi and course design resources, our Centre's library of books, journals and manuals, and our network of national and international associations and clearing houses.

Faculty development

Attend an Annual Faculty Institute on Community-Engaged Learning and regularly-scheduled workshops and gatherings for faculty interested in community-engaged learning.

See examples of faculty workshops hosted by CCP in the past.

Community connections

Get access to our network of community partners in the not-for-profit and volunteer sectors, school boards, and governments in the GTA and Peel Region. We help to broker relationships and to work with you and the community partners to create mutually beneficial learning outcomes.

Structure syllabi

Consult with us to develop or modify your course syllabus by including community engagement and other service-learning components, and for research advice for your existing practices and courses across institutions and disciplines.



Promote your course to students by way of the University Portal, the CCP website, listservs, newsletters and posters.


Develop community partners’ knowledge and skills to work effectively with students as learners (as opposed to students as volunteers) and train students to work effectively with diverse communities.

Critical reflection tools

We can provide you with reflection resources and specific examples of activities, exercises, and assignments that you can implement so that your students make deeper meaning of their experiences.

Ethics and standards

We can liaise between you and the Ethical Research Office to negotiate process and procedures to ensure ethically sound student work in the community.

Learning contracts

Get help establishing learning contracts that meet the needs of the community partner and the students' learning outcomes for the course.

Risk management

We can advise you on risk, safety and liability, and help to ensure that you, the students and the community partners have a successful community-engaged learning experience.