The University of Toronto is offering several academic community-engaged learning courses for 2019-2020. 


St. George (UTSG) Community engaged learning courses 2019-2020
Mississauga (UTM) Community engaged learning courses 2019-2020
Scarborough (UTSC) Community engaged learning courses 2019-2020

St. George (UTSG)

​Fall 2019

INF2170H-F Information Architecture

PCL389F The Role of Pharmacology & Toxicology in Society

NEW342F Theory and Praxis in Food Security

TRN407 Community Research Partnerships in Ethics

CPPH Health in Community

ENV461/1103H F The U of T Campus as  Living Lab for Sustainability

GLA2000HS Munk Global Affairs Capstone (sustainability module)

APS112S Engineering Strategies and Practice

​Winter 2020

HMU327 Music and Entrepreneurship

INI430H1S Advanced Topics in Urban Studies II (Youth, Arts & Engagement in Cities)

INF2192H Representing UX

PCJ362-S Service-Learning

CRI386-S (Formerly WDW390H) Origins of Criminal Justice Policy

CSC301H Introduction to Software Engineering

CRI428-S Neighbourhoods and Crime

INI236H1S Introduction to Urban Studies

EMU425S Music and Urban Engagement with Youth in Detention

LHA1122 Practicum in Adult Education and Community Development

APS112S Engineering Strategies and Practice

PRT423H-F Portuguese in the Work Context

CTL5701HS Exploring the Theory and Practice of Community-Engaged Learning

HMB440H-S Dementia

​Full Year Courses

ENV421Y Environmental Research

SLA320Y Advanced Russian

SDS490Y Engaging Our Communities

NEW495Y Independent Community Engaged Learning seminar

NEW497Y Community engaged research

INI437Y Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto and the GTA

NEW214Y Socially Engaged Buddhism

JPG1812Y Planning for Change: Community Development in Practice

NEW232Y Buddhist Psychology: Theories and Applications

KPE455Y Kinesiology and Physical Education in Society

KPE355 Y Interpersonal Theory in Kinesiology and Physical Education

HMB490Y Health in Community

WGS470Y1 Y Community Engagement

CDN435Y Canadian Citizenship

Mississauga (UTM)

Fall 2019

ANT368H5F World Religions and Ecology

ENV2332H5 Environment Sustainability Practicum

Full Year Courses

BIO210Y Foundations of Human Anatomy and Physiology

WGS435Y Women and Gender Studies Practicum

SOC480Y Internship in Sociology, Criminology, Law and Society

Scarborough (UTSC)

Fall 2019

WSTC02 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action

CTLB03 Introduction to Service Learning

Winter 2019

CTLB03H3 (in French) Introduction to Service Learning in French

WSTD04 Seminar in Gender, Equity and Human Rights

WSTC02 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action

WSTD10-S Story Telling and Social Change   

CTLB03 Introduction to Service Learning