There are many ways to get work experience on campus. From co-curricular activities and mentorships to leadership, research and more – you don’t need to leave campus to work toward your future career.

Types of experience

Employers want you to have experience, but how do you get it? It’s time to be strategic! Explore the types of experiences that will cultivate the skills you need to succeed in the career(s) you are exploring.

Students learning things at Sick kids hospital from animated instructor

Work or Study Abroad

Employers value global experience and education. By going abroad, you can develop a broader, more global network, build language skills and develop other intercultural competencies which are valuable in today’s global marketplace. 

Whether you're interested in study, research or an internship abroad, the Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers many opportunities that will fit your academic program and interests.

Graduate students from U of T (and visiting graduate students) can find more information about international opportunities through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS).

Contact the Centre for International Experience for questions about going abroad.

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