Search for jobs

You’re on the job hunt! Whatever kind of job you are looking for – summer, part-time, full-time, academic, working on campus or abroad – here are some steps to get you started.

Networking, career fairs and on-campus recruitment

Networking is connecting with people to expand your community and build relationships. It can be people you know and those you want to meet to gather information about careers and job opportunities.

Social media

Employers use social media to recruit potential employees and to research candidates, usually before scheduling interviews. This is why creating a strong online presence and understanding how to use social media to your advantage are important parts of your strategy.

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Negotiate an offer

Sometimes a job posting includes salary information, but if not, do your research. There’s generally a standard industry range for the position. Try Career Cruising (access through the CLNx), Working in Canada and Glassdoor for tips. You can also contact your industry’s professional associations. Learn more about negotiating an offer.  

Know your rights

Knowing your rights gives you an edge as you apply for work and advance in your career.

Your final year

You’re in your final year. Congratulations! Whether you will be working in your field, gaining more experience, travelling the world, or going back to school, now is the time to look at how to prepare for the excitement that awaits you beyond graduation.


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