We align our work with the needs and values of the students we serve along with strategic frameworks that help guide our path.  

Student involvement is key to our work.  We engage students through advisory councils, consultations, focus groups and committees to ensure effective services and programs. 


Advisory Groups Student committees working together to administer campus activities

Student Advisory Groups

Arts and Creative

The Arts and Culture Hub is an opportunity for arts, music and expressive culture-based groups on campus to connect and collaborate through shared interests and activities.


CCP Student and Alumni Advisory Committee (CCP SAAC)

The CCP SAAC is a group of students and recent alumni that meets four times a year to provide feedback on programming and direction for the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP).


Centre for International Experience Student Advisory Committee (CIESAC)

The Centre for International Experience would like to invite interested students to participate in its Student Advisory Committee (CIESAC). The purpose of CIESAC is to hear from students to provide feedback on CIE programs, services and initiatives. CIE aims to enhance international experiences of all students whether it is international students transitioning into campus, domestic students going on study exchange abroad, or the inter-cultural mixing of these groups right here on campus!

CIESAC seeks representation from a wide range of students: international or domestic; undergraduate or graduate; full-time or part-time; on-campus or off-campus/commuter residents; and, students with families, from the LGBTQ+ community or parents. Student participation will be validated on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).


Committee for the Allocation of Student Activity Space

This committee meets a few times a year in order to review applications for space within 21 Sussex.


Community Outreach and Engagement Network (COEN)

The Community Engagement and Outreach Network offers an opportunity for campus clubs and organizations that are engaged with the community to connect with one another.


Cultural Club Network

The Cultural ClubLinks Network is organized by the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office and gives students the opportunity to connect with diverse cultural clubs while learning from one another, networking, collaborating and engaging in facilitated skills development.


Faith and Spirituality

Contact: Richard Chambers richard.chambers@utoronto.ca for further information or to request to join the Hub.


The FNH Student Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice and feedback to the director of First Nations House (Indigenous Student Services) on strategic direction, services and programming.


The Global Student Network

This is a place for internationally and culturally-themed student groups to mingle, discover what’s happening on campus during the year and how to get involved.


Grad Life Advisory Board

This advisory board provides guidance on all elements of the Grad Life program.


Housing Services Student Advisory Committee

This committee provides the director of Housing Services with advice about programming, services, policies and initiatives for students.


Leadership and Mentorship

This group offers students a chance to meet like-minded individuals and discover new tools and techniques for enhancing leadership and mentorship in their organizations.


Sexual and Gender Diversity

This is a hub for all student organizations with a focus on sexual and gender diversity.


Student Initiative Fund (SIF)

This committee reviews submissions and determines how to allocate SIF money.


21 Sussex Clubhouse

This Hub brings together all 50 clubs and groups with office space in 21 Sussex and connects neighbours in the building to create opportunities for collaboration and networking.


Sustainability and Environmental

This group’s meetings provide a way for students involved in environment-related clubs or initiatives to connect with the University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network (UTERN) and learn about their services.


Ulife Advisory Board

This advisory board provides guidance, feedback and leadership to the programmatic and operational aspects of Ulife.


Health & Wellness Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

This committee provides guidance and advice to Health & Wellness regarding student health needs. Members give feedback on programs, policies and services, as well as future directions and next steps.