Campus Labs: Baseline (formerly Student Voice) is a company that provides assessment tools, technology and programs to help make assessment projects in Student Life easy and achievable. Through the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students, Student Life staff in all colleges and faculties, as well as all central Student Life departments, have free access to these services. We also have several iTouches available to survey students at a particular site (at an event, upon entry to your office, etc.)


Services Through Campus Labs: Baseline you can
How it Works Here are the steps to follow
Support Baseline support

Through Campus Labs: Baseline you can

  • Create online web-based surveys and have instant access to the results
  • Access sample survey tools from the Campus Labs toolkit
  • Conduct analysis using cross-tabs and filters
  • Report your results using graphs and charts
  • Attend webinars on assessment-related topic

How it works

  1. Contact Jeff Burrow to request access. Please provide your name, email, department and UTORid. If you are replacing a staff member who may have had an CampusLabs account please let me know.

  2. If you work at UTSC please contact If you work at UTM, please go to the User Request Form.

  3. Consult the Student Life Survey Protocol.

  4. Develop your survey questions in Microsoft Word, along with the response options. Note any questions that are required; clearly note if there are "branches" to your survey (e.g. if yes, go to q#, if no, go to q#).

  5. Login to the Campus Labs: Baseline site, select "Request a Project”, fill out the form and upload your survey file.

  6. Test the survey and forward any changes to Campus Labs: Baseline. It’s a good idea to get some students to test your survey.

  7. When you’re ready, invite students to respond to the survey. If it’s web-based, you can post the link on your website, send a link to participants via email, or upload the email file to Campus Labs: Baseline and ask them to conduct a mass mailing.

  8. Report your results. Share widely—assessment helps us work better!


If you’d like information on how to get started, go to This is a separate support site, so the first time you log in, click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner. You'll have to create a login for this site with your U of T email address to verify that you’re from a member campus. Once you log in, there are video resources and walkthroughs, FAQs, and helpful assessment resources.