About Academic Success

Academic Success is one of three departments that comprise the Student Success Centre.  Academic Success professional staff are dedicated to helping you reach your highest learning potential. Every student is capable of achieving academic excellence, but not all learning takes place in the classroom, and not everyone learns in the same way. We understand that your life is more complex than your academic responsibilities, so we look at the whole picture and take an individualized approach to supporting you.

Our staff have a diverse set of educational backgrounds and interests. We know there is no ‘right’ way to get through university, and we welcome the opportunity to explore strategies that might help you find greater balance between life and learning. We work with students at any stage of their undergraduate or graduate degrees, in any discipline. Come check out our study space, explore our strategies section, attend a workshop or meet with a Learning Strategist.

Connect with us and learn more about how we can help you…

Navigate the University

  • Understand the expectations of your discipline and the University at large – what we call the “hidden curriculum.”
  • Navigate the University systems and services.

Build your skills

  • Improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Develop effective reading and note-taking habits .
  • Develop study tools and strategies that work for you – there are no ‘right’ ways.
  • Improve your research, writing and presentation skills – overcome ‘blocks’ and find your voice.
  • Prepare for tests and exams and reduce the associated anxiety.

Stay focused and organized

  • Stay focused, decrease distractions and improve concentration and retention.
  • Develop routines and organizational skills to tackle the volume of work.
  • Manage procrastination and self-defeating habits.

Enjoy the ride

  • Establish priorities that are meaningful to you, and stay accountable to them.
  • Increase your motivation and productivity by feeling more connected to your goals and values.
  • Reduce the stress of being a student, and find balance and joy in your learning.


Our philosophy: Bring your whole self to school.

Our philosophy is that learning is a life-long process. While it’s nice to imagine, we don’t think that graduating from university will mean figuring out all the answers. We do, however, think that your university years offer you a unique chance to learn about the person you are and the person you want to be.


First and foremost, we believe that being a university student means growing through change, and that this can at times feel uncomfortable. We hope to help you see the value in this transition – that it can be the key to knowing who you are, defining your identity and values, and challenging yourself in new ways – intellectually and personally. Becoming aware of your strengths and areas of development can help you gain confidence and become more accepting of yourself – managing the expectations that others may have of you along the way. 


Many students come to university believing that ‘getting the grade’ is what counts the most, but this isn’t the whole story. In fact, beyond the assignments and assessments, university may offer you even more valuable lessons about adapting and building resilience in the face of challenge, whether that challenge is an academic task or an important part of your personal development.


Resilience is a combination of mindset, hard work and support. That means that most of the responsibility lies with you – your readiness to examine your own attitudes and habits, and your persistence in applying yourself to your goals. At the same time, developing yourself can only happen in relation to others, and building external supports around you is critical. This part is where we can help.


Academic Success offers you a caring and non-judgmental community of people who have been there, struggled, and survived! We are always looking to learn more about the student experience and to make our work more practical and relevant. Our goal is to support you as a learner and as a whole person. We work collaboratively to help you reflect on your habits, develop goals to adjust those that are unhelpful, and stand by your side as you work towards them. Ultimately, we hope that this process will help create clarity and balance in your life to pursue what is most meaningful to you – now and throughout your lifetime.