If you have been approved to write your quizzes, tests or exams with accommodations, register with Accommodated Testing Services (ATS).

Our office works collaboratively with Accommodated Testing Services to provide you with a supportive space to successfully write your tests and exams with your approved accommodations.

Accommodated Testing Services is located at 255 McCaul Street, Room 340.

Procedures for late registrations for tests and exams

Registering on time for tests and exams is important for the ATS staff to administer your tests and exams properly. As a student registered with Accessibility Services, you also receive important emails throughout the semester notifying you of upcoming deadlines. Accommodated Testing Services and Accessibility Services work together to ensure that students are aware of these deadlines. These deadlines assist in ensuring that you are scheduled correctly, the test or exam is available for when you arrive, and that you receive the appropriate accommodations as approved by your accessibility advisor.  

View the term and exam period registration deadlines for 2019-2020.

We recognize that there are circumstances in which it is difficult for students to register on time. Late registrations will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Your professor changed the date of your test or you are writing a make-up test and the new date is sooner than the 14 day registration deadline during the semester
  • You recently broke a limb or have some form of strain or tear that now requires you to have accommodations to write
  • You are writing a deferred exam and you could not book within the 14 day registration deadline
  • There was an emergency that prevented you from registering on time: hospitalization; serious family circumstances or some other situation that was unforeseeable and/or beyond your control to plan for in a timely way

For a late registration to be considered, your advisor needs to provide verification to Accommodated Testing Services.  Late requests are not to be submitted directly to Accommodated Testing Services. For new registrations after the exam booking deadline, test and exam accommodations will be provided in the following semester.

If you miss the registration deadline for a test/exam due to one of the circumstances outlined above, your options are:

  1. See your Accessibility Services advisor during their drop-in appointments or call the Accessibility Services front desk at (416) 978-8060 to make an appointment with your advisor if one of the above circumstances applies to you. Otherwise your late registration will not be considered by Accommodated Testing Services. Drop in times can be found at: http://www.studentlife.utoronto.ca/as/accessibility-advisors
  2. Write with the class without your accommodations
  3. If it's a faculty final exam, file a petition to defer the exam with your college registrar (Faculty of Arts and Science) or faculty registrar (all other faculties). Note that filing a petition to defer an exam does not guarantee that a deferral will be granted.
  4. For term tests contact your accessibility advisor and the course instructor or course coordinator to discuss your options